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Setting Up TP-Link AC1200 (Archer C6) with NowTV Hub2

Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of optimizing my home network and am looking for current advice on the best setup using the NowTV Hub2 and my TP-Link AC1200 (Archer C6) router.

My main goal is to extend and improve the Wi-Fi signal throughout my home. I've come across multiple articles, but many of them are dated by 2 to 3 years so I want to make sure I'm following the best and most up-to-date recommendations.

The TP-Link AC1200 offers OneMesh capabilities, which I'd like to utilize for a seamless Wi-Fi experience with my powerline extenders. To take advantage of this, the router would need to be set up in router mode, which is my preference. However, I understand that integrating with the NowTV Hub2 might require different configurations, and I’m open to suggestions, including possibly using it in access point mode if that would provide a better solution.

Could anyone provide insights or share their experience with a similar setup? If you have tips, especially on maintaining the use of OneMesh with the Archer C6 while effectively extending the Hub2's network, it would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your recommendations!

Best regards,

Elite 2

Unless I'm mistaken the tp link has no dsl modem. The hub2 can not be used in modem only mode, you will have issues with double nat.