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Connecting to WiFi/Blurry Picture

My Now TV stick has problems connecting to my wifi. The router is in the next room and my laptop and mobile connect to it fine but the stick really struggles to connect. It often cannot see the signal and does not show it on the list. My connection is rarely above 7meg and the picture is very often blurred. I've try the speed capping but the setting doesn't hold and reverts to automatic. I can watch everything else, YouTube, Netflix, Prime but not the Sky channels. Very frustrating. Any ideas gratefully received.

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Re: Connecting to WiFi/Blurry Picture


Have a nosy at this link for typical troubleshooting of your NOW stick.

If and when you’ve tried all steps and they didn’t resolve the issue, the last extreme step is to set the stick back to factory settings. It will hopefully squash any random bugs on the device.

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