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New Movies: May 2017

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Jason Bourne

Available from 5 May




This guy always seems to get himself into all sorts of trouble!


Matt Damon stars as Jason Bourne in this action thriller where he’s once again being hunted down by the CIA. After hiding out in Greece for eight years, it turns out that the CIA have been trying to keep surveillance on Bourne. But don’t worry, because Nicky Parsons - played by Julia Stiles - comes to the rescue to try and help Bourne. But it might not work out as planned…


It turns out that Bourne, who was once named David Webb, is the CIA's most dangerous former operative. That throws a spanner in the works…



Independence Day: Resurgence

Available from 12 May




We’re two decades on from the first Independence Day invasion, where the humans prevailed. However, the aliens are found to be some clever cookies.It is discovered that some survivors of a crashed alien ship 20 years ago sent a distress call to their home planet - what are the chances!


In a fight to extinguish Earth’s defences, the alien mothership appears to respond to the distress call. And, in true sequel style, this mothership is twice as big as the last one!


It’s a battle between the alien mothership and the world’s armies, but who comes out on top in this fight for our planet?



Suicide Squad

Available from 19 May




Based on a comic book, a secret government agency assembles a team of some of the most dangerous locked-up super-villains in Belle Reve. Their first mission: save the world from the apocalypse in return for reduced sentences.


A bomb is implanted in the neck of each member to make sure they stay on their best behaviour and don’t rebel.


If the storyline isn’t gripping enough, then check out the cast! Will Smith and Margot Robbie make up 2/6 of the suicide squad – pretty cool, right? 



Absolutely Fabulous

Available from 26 May




It’s not every day you accidently knock Kate Moss into the River Thames, but somehow Edina and Patsy, two glamorous party goers living the London life, managed to do it. The incident rapidly attracts media and police attention, causing the pair to flee to the south of France.


Of course they miss the rich lifestyle, so they decide to make a plan to hide away permanently and live the life they love! We’d love to shop till we drop too!


Ice Age: Collision Course

Available from 27 May




Manny, Diego, Sid and the rest of the clan are back with another animated comedy!


It wouldn’t be a classic Ice Age without starting with Scrat trying to find a home for his acorn – but, unfortunately for Scrat, this acorn causes a whole lot of drama when he sticks it into an asteroid. That old chestnut. Or acorn.


The group team up with Buck to help prevent extinction of all mammals from the asteroid. On the plus side, there’s wedding bells for two… and let’s be honest, a group of mammoths being all loved up is pretty cute! Will the happiness last in the face of the threat of extinction…all because of an acorn?

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