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No wifi on the phone

Wifi keeps on dropping on the phone, but resists on the laptop. This keeps on happening on all the phones in the house and we end up needing to use 4g to use internet on the phone as the broadband is either too slow, does not load content , or does not work at all. 

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Legend 5


Bit of a long shot but has a quick test I would go into the NOW Hub 2 webpage settings and disable IPV6.

If there is no improvement then switch IPV6 back on again.

You might be able to do this directly from your phone settings depending on the mobile phone instead of going into the NOW Hub 2 webpage settings.

Are the mobile phones Apple or Android or a combination of both ?

If all Apple then again has a quick test switch off Private Relay in the Apple phone settings.

Other than that get in touch with the NOW Broadband Team for further assistance & help.

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@au10  what phones are these?