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Re: Cannot view Now TV Entertainment on YouView? (Humax DTR-T2000)

decieved wrote:

I was foolish enough to believe the TV advert that said I could view ITV Encore with Now TV.

You can view ITV Encore with Now TV but not on a YouView/BT box, as they offer their own subscription service!


Perhaps the following 'Help Centre' article may be of use to you: What devices can I use to watch NOW TV?


If you're still interested here are some direct links to a couple of Argos 'bundle' product offers: -

NOW TV 'black' box with 3 month 'Entertainment' pass @ £14.99

NOW TV 'black' box with 2 month 'Cinema' pass @ £14.99





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Re: Cannot view Now TV Entertainment on YouView? (Humax DTR-T2000)

Imagine having it so you can get the entertainment pass on your talk talk box. ....If they let us do that then how can you pay! !
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Re: cant play films

Yeah. ... consumer act. Sale and service of goods action. Fit for purpose section. Clearly a strategy. Get the pack and b amazed at the movies. Why let you get itv encore and discovery etc when you can easily pay them instead. Creating a monopoly is against the law talk talk !!!
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Re: Cannot view Now TV Entertainment on YouView? (Humax DTR-T2000)

As I've just come across this issue and having read the thread, it seems to me that this is somewhat of a mis-leading issue by NowTV at the least (some might even call it fraud!!) and has been for quite a long time??


In my mind the app on YouView should just simply be called Sky Movies and that would take any ambivalence away and people wouldn't be expecting to be able to actually access all the NowTV content, as would be expected from the name of the app!!


But then again, when have we been able to expect to get something without having to read very small terms and conditions and go onto secondary or even tertiary pages or even sites, to actually find out that what we're buying is really what we're paying for!


Well rant over, I am usually someone who researches quite deeply into things before parting with my hard earned, but didn't in this case and so more fool me.