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Chromecast Ultra freezing while casting Now TV

Hi everyone, 

Please Help! Driving me mad - I bought a Chromecast Ultra and am having 'random' freezing issues when casting NOW TV. Sometimes I just see the swirling circles, other times it reverts back to ambient mode. You can use it again without a full reboot but you have to reconnect. All other apps cast fine with no problems (netflix, BT sport, amazon etc.) I have an old Chromecast 2 which casts fine too including NOW TV. I have had the Chromecast Ultra replaced in case it was faulty but it is behaving exactly the same.


Fault happens:

- wireless or wired

- from different ios devices

- different power sources and HDMI inputs

- after full factory reset

- after resetting modem and iphone etc.


Fault hasn't happened

- when using my phone as a hotspot (but not tried for a prolonged time due to data cost)


I would be really grateful if anyone can work out what it might be and reply to me. My only current solution is to have both chromecasts plugged in and use my old chromecast 2 for NOW TV. That can't be right!?!?



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Same here. Wasted way too much time on this (as I'm sure you have to).


Every other streaming app seems to be fine streaming to Chromecast Ultra (UKTV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube), but Now TV whether using my Android phone or iPad, it simply won't stream. It's always the spinning logo.


I've tried what others have suggested, i.e Navigating to another part of the app, and it does unfreeze the logo and progress further. But you can only then play 1 episode of something (with an error on the app "Something went wrong" etc) and you then have to reset the whole lot (Chromecast, phones etc).

Far too cumbersome.
Certainly not going to bother renewing my subscription. Plenty of other (better/1080p) streaming services out there



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Mine isn't freezing but the picture quality is so poor it's unwatchable. All other apps are OK and my old chromecast that I replaced never had any issues.