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slow download speed

My download speed is extremely slow.  I connected my laptop to the hub with  a LAN cable.  The bt wholesale says 13.5 mbps.  But the now tv broadband check came back as 28.5 mbps which i know is wrong.  Streaming is a nightmare.


Any ideas?

Champion 2


I'm not sure those figures make sense to be honest. Sadly, NOW won't respond to you on here, you need to contact them directly through the usual customer service channels. 

Elite 3

As well as contacting Now, could you give us the following info:

What do you get on a wired test from: 

Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

What sync /access line speed does the router show:

Broadband download and upload speeds explained (

And just what do Openreach think you line capable of:

 BT Broadband ( (if the phone number checker doesn't work, use the address checker instead)