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Which mesh wifi with NowTV

Hi everyone--

We're about to move back into the house after a loft conversion and while we've been out I've ditched Sky and ordered NowTV with broadband. I'm hoping to add a Mesh Wifi network to cover the (newly larger!) old Victorian house. 

We also use - and love - Sonos!

Does anyone have experience with a setup like this? 

I'm looking at TP Link Deco M5 but I'm worried that it doesn't have a bridge mode, nor does NowTV router; will I be alright running TP Link as a router and just using the Now box for the telly?

What do you think? School me!




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Hi @Anonymous User,


Did you ever get anywhere with this? I'm in the same predicament and would love to know how you got on.




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Ah yes! I went with TP LINK DECO system (M5, maybe?) and it was absolutely painless. Really really simple and easy. Works like a dream w Sonos too. Recommended.
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Hi Ian,


Considering TP Link myself - any tips on set-up or was it just straight out the box plug-and-play!



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Super easy plug and play. Genuinely a doddle. And I’m a moron. Go for it.
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Not sure if you'll see this @Anonymous User 

This is exactly the setup I am thinking of getting.

However, not sure I will be able to use the Parental Controls on the TP-Link, as I think it only sets up in AP mode NOT router mode.

Is this something you can confirm please?

Using the NOWTV Hub Two, which I know doesn't support bridge mode (or modem only)

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Just purchased a TP-Link Deco P9 (3-pack) today from Amazon (other vendors are available) for £149 and have hooked it up seamlessly with my existing NowTV (fibre 76Mb) without having to do anything untoward in terms of turning off the original wireless router (by making it act like a bridge).


Very straightforward. Download the TP-Link app, plug in the main unit - register it via iphone using SSD of unit - then give your new network a name (SSID) and away it went. Add more units as you desire - super easy to control / extend via the app.


I am doubly happy with this set up, as the (iphone) app allows full control of the devices via profiles (akin to people) with ability to throttle, blacklist, age-constrain and review all of the devices. There is also one-touch disablement if the kids are not playing ball and you need to remind them that t'internet is a paid-for utility and not a god-given right.


One final comment - if you go for this, worth RESETting your network SSID to <something_else> first and then give the Deco P9 network SSID as your original (with same network credentials) so that you do not have to reset/reauthenticate the existing devices.


Might post a follow-up once I have validated my SONOS also works - although my various Alexa's are all happily connected and performing


You shouldn’t need to pay £149 just to get wifi working in other rooms now tv should provide WiFi disks etc to be in range of your router 

Elite 3

@Sarahmc wrote:

You shouldn’t need to pay £149 just to get wifi working in other rooms now tv should provide WiFi disks etc to be in range of your router 

You obviously don't know much about Now broadband, are you actually using it?

Also posting on a thread when the previous post is over 2 years old is not helpful, start your own and we will try to answer any queries you have.

Edit: Just noticed you have also posted here.



The BT discs you love aren’t free, they are £10 a month.

So with the recommendation above, 15 months is breakeven, and it’s all upside after that.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it.
Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now.
That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.