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Now broadband Hub two

Anybody know how to reset a hub two that will not factory reset?

The problem started when I changed the password on it, when I rebooted the pile of junk there was no web panel to login anymore (hadn't done anything with the ip address), it also stopped giving out DHCP addresses, I rebooted again...same.

I did a factory reset and went through the process again, changing the password seemed to mess up the lan port as it was displaying it had connected to the internet (led on front panel), Did ANOTHER factory reset to get the web panel working again, this time I gave it a fixed IP and changed the password.....web panel disappeared ... AGAIN! had the same thing happen over and over and now it wont factory reset and I cant log in to it, it's the biggest pile of junk I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with

Just discovered I can log in to the web panel if I connect to my phone via the wireless, this kind of confirms that for some reason the pile of junk is disabling the LAN port whenever I try and change even the basic settings. 😞


username: admin

password: nowtv


is that the setting?

 in general most people dont change those, however the password should be changable , same with the ip address of  however care should be taken here as pick an ip thats in an oddball range and you can have strange effects that you can only fix with a hard factory reset .

 Most routers seem to have the same few default IP addressess to acces their config settings, the Now router is other common ones are and