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Broadband keeps dropping

Hi all, 

I've been experiencing poor broadband performance for the last couple of months - most notably when I go onto video calls for work. I work as a consultant and it's unacceptable that I keep dropping off half way through meetings. It's become so unreliable that I mostly just tether my phone now as it is significantly more reliable. 

An engineer came out when I raised this issue previously - they said they fixed some wires outside my home but the issue persists. Now seem to have hidden the ability to speak to support so I'm hoping someone can help here? 

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Unfortunately nobody from NOW will help here. You will need to persevere via the usual support channels. 

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To echo what @redchiz1 says.

You will need to use the method you called them the first time. If you have a landline it’s 150 from your house phone.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help