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No internet for 5 days now

This is great, is anyone doing anything about it?! 5 DAYS. The solution given by helpline is to TAKE A DAY OFF WORK so engineer can tell me that everything is okay on my side. I'm an IT guy myself, it was working for over a year but they say check the cables. I did obviously and restarted and reconfigured. It is not an issue on my side. When will NOW TV do anything about it?! I'm in Reading by the way.

Elite 3

I know it's frustrating, but if you are sure the problem isn't in your home, just get the call booked. Worry about any ramifications of you not being there later.


Is your phone working correctly ? Do you have a dial tone? Is it noisy?

Can you see any physical damage on the openreach network, poles, your local cabinet etc?

Had there been/ are there any road works taking place in the area?