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Can't access PSN on PS5 or any site with playstation in the title on any device

I can't quite get my head around this. I recently joined NowTV broadband, and everything seemed to be going fine.


However, since yesterday I've encountered a really odd problem that I can't resolve. Both are related to Playstation...


Issue 1 - My Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 can't connect to the PSN. I've tried over WiFi and hardwiring directly to the router. I've tried manually entering a DNS and automatically generating it. I've reset the PS5 and the router, but whatever I do, it just won't connect. All other devices are connecting fine. 


Issue 2 - I cannot load any website with Playstation in the URL on any of my devices connected through the NowTV router. All other websites work fine. I can connect to the on my mobile device over 4G, but not when connected to the WiFi. I've checked my NowTV router configuration and there are no keyword/IP blocks added. 


It makes me think that this is an issue downstream, but then it would affect other users too (and so far I've not seen another report of this). 


Has anyone got any ideas what might have caused this?


Thanks in advance, Greg

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Hi @gsilvester 


Anything in this link below helps or not ? 


So the issues were separate and unrelated.


I couldn’t access the PlayStation website because of the NowTV buddy system. After disabling all active content blocks the problem went away.


I was finally able to access the internet and connect to the PSN by resetting the PS5 settings. So far it’s working fine. 

Hopefully that helps anyone who encounters this issue.