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Port map my webserver on xammp, or my owncloud running on xampp to the router

I was disappointed to find no usb port on the router. Pretty grim really. 
I have installed xampp web serve on windows and am installing owncloud in this. Its lovely when working. I used it on my hosted web server once but they made me stop.

I have been studying and finding no answers to how I can set up my owncloud or even my web server as a device in the router and then port map it so I can access it  from outside.

It seems that setting up a device gives you a device number and this number is needed to do the port mapping.

When I look at devices, the only things visible ar PCs and phones which have mac addresses and show in networking.

Does anyone know what I must do to make that web server or owncolud ( owncloud ideally) visible so I can map it to the router?

Thanks in advance.

Elite 3

Can't help with the port forwarding, as I don't have Now router, but your server will not be seen as a "device", it will be seen as running on the PC it is hosted on.

Who "made you stop" previously? Most domestic ISP's would probably frown on you hosting a web server on their service.