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Setup & Performance


Support- broadband not working

Trying to find a phone number to get technical support (an impossible task it seems) My broadband has been in for nearly 3 weeks and the performance is not right…. It can work just fine, but, the broadband hangs 10 times + a day and disconnects me fr...

Broadband Set up

Hi,  I've had an engineer come to set up my broadband yesterday. He said he couldn't do it and i should await further instructions from now tv and I've been waiting. I need to know what the next steps are now on what to do.

Broadband 'Go Live' date

Hi all, On the 4th September, an engineer from OpenReach came around and set up our NowTV box and router. Immediately after this, our wifi was working fine. However, as of 13:00 on 7th September, our broadband has been inactive, with myself receiving...

Keep getting intermittent DNS issues

Please can NowTV support help? For the last few weeks I keep getting dropped internet on ALL devices in the house (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Laptops, Desktop). It lasts roughly 20 seconds. We don't get a dropped Wi-Fi signal, that's fine we're still co...

Broadband Activation Delay

My wifi was due to be active from 22nd August and as of today (7th September) wifi is still not active with no updates. I have been repeatedly been told that it is a problem with Openreach and I can do nothing but wait for them to resolve it. When I ...


Slow Broadband  my download is 30.2 and upload 13  . I paying for 69-74 and 18-19 . So why I paying for my internet if is not working properly  

Internet connection dropped

Hi there  my internet has suddenly dropped. I have done all the checks / reboots and nothing is working. I work from home so this urgent. Are you having outages in the London area? joe 

Account cancelled before it began

Hello, I'm new to NowTV and forums in general.I went through all the set up, got a date for activation, and then received an email saying that Open Reach has got the wrong address for me and that my account has been cancelled.  Is this normal, and ho...


Im looking at getting now tv broadbandIt doesn't say that the broadband connects to your TV to get the channels such as BBC, its ectI dont have a smart TV so I'm a bit confused what you get and how it works.