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Broadband never gets up to speed

I came onto now broadband because I was having problems with my previous provider never keeping up to speed it was supposed to be and dropping out near enough all together at night.

now I wished I hadn’t gone on to you because you are worse. It’s supposed to be around 63 I know it can drop but not dropping it down to 40 that is terrible. And if it keeps on like this, then I have full rights to come out of my contract.

it’s been glitching since the very first day we had it, and that was only the 28th of March.

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You do realise FTTC broadband is reliant on the quality of the BT/Openreach cable between the local cabinet and you?

If there is a problem there changing ISP won't help at all.

So, starting from step one, what minimum speed were you quoted when you signed up, and what does BT/Openreach believe you line to be capable of? BT Broadband (

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@Anonymous User 

To follow up from @Jayach you don’t talk to broadband support staff, just us customers. If you have an issue you should be calling support.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

There could be an issue with your line/connection in which case you will have speed issues with any ISP that uses the openreach copper network.

 You could also be in an area with rubbish internet.

 And you could have a combination of the two.


The 63 figure is based on so called average speeds, in the past ISPs sold packages on a mythical upto speed, so under that process Now and every other ISP would have said that you were on an upto 80mbps speed package


There are a few things you can do to see roughly  what speeds you should be getting and the best place to look is the openreach cabinet/line check site here :