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Oversea cancellation of Broadband

I wish to cancel my UK broadband service but as I am based overseas cannnot call the 0330 number. I have tried live chat but it doesn't respond past 'cancel services', I have tried to email the help email but I receive an email back saying that email is incorrect and I need to call in. I log into my account and select account, and go to cancel but I receive an error message on my screen saying 'opppps, that didn't go to plan'! 

So I cannot get through! I am stuck trying to cancel my UK broadband whilst overseas. Please help! 

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is this permanent or temporary overseas?

Are you out of contract/at the end of the minimum term period with Now?


With most landline/broadband services in the UK there are at least two ways to cancel:

1: by calling the service provider

2: by porting the number out to another provider

 If a UK number would be useful to you then you should be able to port your Now  landline number that comes with your broadband account to a Voip service , in theory this means you will have access and be able to use the UK landline number anywhere , and via an app on a mobile phone or an adaptor ( or both) there is of course a cost associated with this either a small fee and then an ongoing cost, ie andrews arnold ( appear) to charge £1.44 to port a number then £1.44/month as well as call costs , others have free prting but a higher monthly fee with inclusive calls, or a higher port cost and no monthly fee but higher paay as you go costs

 Porting the landline number to a Voip service will also have the effect of ceasing the broadband assocaited with that number and with it the cancellation of your Now broadband account


If you take what i have said and ask about it on a more technical forum then you may get a better solution, i would recomend the forums at as there are some industry people in there who can offer more help


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Have you tried the email on this screenshot below ?

Though NOW may have to phone you back confirming your details / request instructions etc.

Or alternatively there is a web form you could send them under complaints in the NOW Help Centre section of their website.

Screenshot_20240502-152252_Samsung Internet.jpg


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Hi @Overseas 

If NOW can't contact you by phone, then try sending a message using the web form from this link page below.