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Broadband 'Go Live' date

Hi all,


On the 4th September, an engineer from OpenReach came around and set up our NowTV box and router. Immediately after this, our wifi was working fine. However, as of 13:00 on 7th September, our broadband has been inactive, with myself receiving a text message saying that "there's been a delay on [my] broadband and phone order", with the status of my broadband plan being changed to "we're getting it ready" on the 'My Broadband and Calls' section of the website. This was completely unexpected, since our broadband had already gone live.


Please could someone advise me on how to proceed to get broadband running asap?




Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

Best to give the broaband team a call. Number on the link below. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help