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Setup & Performance


How Do I set up a Landline?!

Okay so I’m new to everything, and not sure to ask without sounding really dumb... but how do I set up a landline?! I know I have to buy a phone but does it have to be a specific phone? Do I just plug it straight into the Phone slot? Do I have to use...

Resolved! Change Default Download Location

 I want to download movies onto my SD card due to running out of space on my galaxy tabletIs it possible to do this? or I have found out that you can change your default download path by downloading a program off play store (ES File Explorer) If I us...

Resolved! Can I get a static ip address? If so how much?

Hi All,I know this has been asked before but it was a year ago and I'm hoping NowTV now offer static ip addresses. Anyone know if they do yet? I know I can use alternatives services like dyndns but would prefer static ip if I can get one. Cheers in a...

High pitch whine from router!

Just got a Now TV Hub Two and it's constantly emitting a high pitch whine, which is doing our heads in. I've tried rebooting and disabling the 5GHz but no luck. Anyone had this problem before? 


Someone has hacked the wifi though the ip address and keeps logging us off and put it on a while after. Is there any way to stop this or log them out?

Catch up / on demand

Hi all, I just brought the now tv smart stick hd & voice control. The issue I have is that is I use bbc iplayer, ITV hub, all 4 and my5 that it seems to only play them in standard definition which looks terrible. Netflix plays on hd no problem. These...

Sky go with now TV broadband

I have now TV broadband with my android phone . I cannot use sky go to watch sky sports  I get a message saying to enjoy this service you need an active WiFi connection . But I can watch it using my data. It is not my phone as I can watch sky go on m...

Go live

Rang many times and was told I would be activated on Jan 3rd, that didn’t happen. Lies and bad customer service

drilling holes

I have ordered NowTV broadband, I found this statement that "engineers might need to drill a small hole in your wall and run a cable through your home to do this."  I want to be sure if it is really neccessary at my situation? Because I have BT Openr...