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My pass was cancelled and it wasn’t me !

Has anyone else had this problem. I was watching now tv on the playstation when suddenly it came up saying please pay to watch. Upon signing into my account online and veiwing my passes, it had said my pass had been cancelled which I never did. Has t...

Sky sports football

Just signed in to the now tv app on my LG TV and it appears Sky Sports Football is now full HD. All the other channels seem to still be at 720.Does this mean plans for full HD across Now TV are almost here?

Eleven Sports App on NOW TV

HI, do you know if any Now tv/sky ppl are trying to get a Eleven sports app added so can watch the eleven sports channels via Now tv box/stick.Would be better than watching via PC/phone/tablet. thanks

Resolved! Turning off subtitles on iPad

Watching anything on the Entertainment pass on an Ipad has subtitles! How can I turn them off please?I've deleted the app and reinstalled it, it’s still the same thanks 

Cannot sign in

How do i reset my account? As i am having trouble signing in. I can watch all box Sets and catch up but not live tv. It says could not register devise. Maximum allowed registered divides exceeded. 

Now TV LG Devise

Has anyone else experienced issues with Now TV app on an LG devise? Using an LG blu ray player which has the now tv app - but nothing seems to play? I have checked my internet connection and other streaming devises (netflix, youtube) which all seem t...

Now TV app not launching

hi my now tv app wont launch on my samsung tab, it was working fine. now when i start app i get the spinning circles. any ideas

Adding another pass

Help. We have a sky cinema pass. We have now started a 14 day trial on the entertainment pass but it’s not showing on our TV/App. Any ideas?