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Sky News app

On Roku devices version 8.1 there is excessive 'jittering' on the live stream on the Sky News App. The picture suffers from constant rapid stuttering which leads to the news ticker along the bottom of the screen 'skipping' along. The app has gone fro...

Sky Store

I have entered new bank details into my account and on servers occassions we have tried to rent a movie and it won’t allow us.

STV Player

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a nowtv box and just want to know if STV Player is available.  From what I can read it isn't. If that's the case can someone confirm if you can watch ITV player in Scotland? Thanks!

Resolved! Stv app

Stv app has disappeared from my apps how do I get it back? I can’t find it in App Store.

Resolved! FBI warning when accessing YouTube app!

This is happening on my NOW TV Smart Stick, and appears to be a Roku issue: 

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Resolved! All4

I’m trying to watch Brooklyn 99 from last night on All4 on the Now TV box but it’s not showing in the list of shows from last night to catch up. It is on the channel 4 website to watch and it’s available on Sky on demand so why can’t I see it?

ITV 1 on ITV hub

Hi all, new to Now TV and  I can't seem to view ITV using the ITV Hub app. I can view ITV 2, Be, 3, 4 and CITV but not the main ITV channel, am i missing something? One of the reasons I chose Now TV was to be able to view missed shows and if a full m...

ITV hub

Hello, Can I sign into my itv hub account on my nowtv, I can’t seem to find that option?

Youtube app not working.

It was working perfectly - very fast. But overe the last couple of days all I get is a blank screen when I select it. All other apps seem fine.  (new Black box) Anyone else getting this ?