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Nowtv not working on LG tv

NowTV won’t load on both my LG tv’s.  It says Unknow Page errror. All other apps work fine and there is internet connection. 

Resolved! ITV Hub

I can't get the ITV hub when I go through Best Of Catch-up. I get a message saying Oops there's been a problem. This has been like this for 2 weeks now. I can get on it if I go through My Apps tho. Just wondering if anyone else is having or has had t...

Now tv for ps4

Now tv on PS4 is shocking!!.had nothing but problems with it for ages.deleted it and reinstalled it a few time’s and doesn’t work.i had movies,entertainment and have sports occasionally.cancelled the and prime don’t seem to have these pro...

now tv - Something's Not Right

Hello All,I am using a Roku Streaming Stick + with the NOWTV app. Today and for the last week I have been getting an error on just 2 programs. All the other programs work fine and play as they should. If I try to play Hawaii Five-0 or Elementary I ge...

ps4 app buffering

My ps4 app is now buffering for 2 days, it is up to date and has a patch for software 5 . Everything else works like amazon video, you need a new app update. 


Hi,My Now TV used to work on chrome cast. Am I correct in guessing the reason this is no longer working is because Now TV have launched their stick? If ANYONE is still getting nowtv on chrome cast, please help! The little bubbles come up on the tv wh...

New Forum layout- don't rate it at all

Why is it, despite having logged in, that the "POST" icon remains greyed out?I wish you'd go back to previous forum infrastructure; as it is now, I'll rarelyuse, as too complex to get where I want to be, unlike on previous iterationie I could easily ...

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Sky News app

On Roku devices version 8.1 there is excessive 'jittering' on the live stream on the Sky News App. The picture suffers from constant rapid stuttering which leads to the news ticker along the bottom of the screen 'skipping' along. The app has gone fro...

Sky Store

I have entered new bank details into my account and on servers occassions we have tried to rent a movie and it won’t allow us.