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Expert 2

New Forum layout- don't rate it at all

Why is it, despite having logged in, that the "POST" icon remains greyed out?

I wish you'd go back to previous forum infrastructure; as it is now, I'll rarely

use, as too complex to get where I want to be, unlike on previous iteration

ie I could easily find ENTERTAINMENT & SAMSUNG threads.

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Scholar 3

I agree..The previous layout format was pretty much perfect to my eyes - Now navigation is a nightmare and the icons, design, page layouts and formatting are terrible.  

Expert 2

Have to say, I am not a fan of this new version of the forum.

Where as I used to visit the site every day and have a good wander around, I no longer do this, which is a great shame.

I can see what Now Tv are upto in doing the forum this way, I am sure you can work that out too !

The lack of replies from Now Tv, also seem to be a further frustration from users.