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Scam Email deal

I received official email deal from Now offering a 99p cinema and 99p Entertainment per month I accepted it as I had recently cancelled both these due to budgeting, it was a good a deal. They said you have to update your email and bank details for payment so I did,  but I was unable to access these via my Now Tv app. So immediately contacted Live chat who could not help they kept saying you have got it try streaming it. Gave up and cancelled these. So today bank statement shows x2 payments of £5.00 each taking from my bank account. Back on line to live chat that suggested I have 2 accounts. So through that email Now had signed me up with a new account which is not set up on my NowTv app I can only cast it to the Tv. So beware everyone they scam there customers at no point was I told this was a new membership and I guess because it is only open to new customers thats the reason I didnt get the 99p offers and have been charged £5.00.each.  So at some point they must of realised I was the same person so charged me the full price. So watch out the Legal Scam from Now.


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Elite 3

I'm a wee bit confused here. Was the email address to which the offer was sent linked to your existing account? If not, the rest of it doesn't really tie up.