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I signed up for Entertainment package. I did not want Cinema package nor Boost. I have been charged for Cinema after 7 days. I did not want it in the first place! Giving a free package for a limited time then expecting the customer to cancel is a obvious money taking scam. How many customers cancel a package they didn't want nor ask for in the first place?? I didn't even use the free package. I expect this to be refunded. Do not even try to put me onto the Bot! 

NOWBot (23/02/2024, 21:18:45): Right, I just need a few more details so that I can help you.
I did not sign up for Cinema. Only Entertainment.
NOWBot (23/02/2024, 21:19:41): Sorry, I didn't understand that.
Refund for Cinema
NOWBot (23/02/2024, 21:20:18): Sorry, I didn't understand that.
Email me.
NOWBot (23/02/2024, 21:20:31): Sorry, I didn't understand that.
NOWBot (23/02/2024, 21:20:40): Sorry, I didn't understand that.
NOWBot (23/02/2024, 21:20:59): Sorry, I didn't understand that.
NOWBot (23/02/2024, 21:21:07): Sorry, I didn't understand that.

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To be thinking you speak to staff here you are sadly mistaken. See this link for the forum purpose.

Also to speak with staff you DO NOT ever use the bot. You want live chat. 

To get live chat make sure to be signed in and use the ‘How to get in touch’ drop down.

Also @redchiz1  has replied to you on the thread that you jumped in on.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help