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I've received a "how did we do" email but didn't contact customer support

I'm worried about why I've just had an email from customer support at NowTV asking for feedback from getting in touch with them recently. But I haven't been in touch with them for months. I've checked and it is the legitimate NowTV help email so it can't be phishing. Can anyone give any guidance on why this has happened? Is my account secure?

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No idea, but you won't get an answer from NOW here on the community. Contact them directly if you have any concerns. 

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To echo what @redchiz1 says this forum is not used for that purpose. See this link.

There are plenty ways to speak with NOW. So when you say NOW TV are you actually meaning TV memberships or are you talking about the company itself as the name used to be called NOW TV but it is just NOW as they offer two products and which handled very differently.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help