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cancel TV and delete card details

i signed up to now tv but it hasnt been activated yet although they have my card details like to cancel the TV membership and remove my card details..iv checked on my account and i can see a TV  box and my card details  and an option to change payment method to paypal or another card..but theres no cancel membership button...theres offers on there for me to add sports, cinema it sounds like im still registered..iv tried speaking to a NOW advisor about cancelling TV but they could only cancel my broadband sign up(which is now done) but they said iv have to go to the  community to cancel TV..why is this so hard to do . can anyone sick of running around in circles with this..

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Legend 5


Beyond fed up doesn’t come close to explain how I feel when broadband support tell users to come to the forum for any help be it broadband updates or TV updates. This has to stop!

If you don’t have any active TV memberships on your account.
If you do you need to cancel them yourself. See this link.

Then use this link to request for right of erasure.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help