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New contract as of September 2023.

Yes the "do nothing and keep your existing membership for £26.50 a month"


Well no need to read on for me. Broadband + anytime calls this is (was) a good deal. Si I did nothing to KEEP my existing membership.

Only to find out NEW payments of £43.50 a month !?. 

The email was a trick. You can request the original email from NOW. Below the OR, it details other options (do read on). Note at the bottom it states again "to choose this option you don't have to do thing" . This is were the con comes in. 

Now deemed; by doing nothing you WILL be given the new contract totalling  £43.50/month. Yes they will decide you get THEIR most profitable option NOT YOU. Even though the opening line seems job done, same contract and price great. One thing sorted, get on and do the rest that's needed to be done. 

TOTAL con by NOW.

Register compliant with Ofcom. They cannot deal with individual complaints but they do have a numbered threshold to react to what is going on by a company.

Try YOUFIBRE. £30 a month (150Mbs about 18Mbytes) + anytime calls. Youfibre will also install fibreoptic line as part of joining, new router and for £30 for 2yrs FIXED price. Check it out.