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3 months of Sky Cinema FREE. NOT!

I logged in today to cancel my entertainment pass as I am not watching it. After going through the cancellation process, on the last screen after turning down the offer of entertainment for £3.60 for 3 months I was offered Sky Cinema for FREE for 3 months.  Obviously an offer I could not refuse. So I took up the offer. 


I then checked passes and vouchers which showed I would be charged £4.80/month !!?!?!


I took this up with now TV chat but got no joy. Can someone from now TV team assist?


Now (03/10/2019, 13:16:23): Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to now. How can I help?
null (03/10/2019, 13:17:16): Hi I cancelled my entertainment pass today. At the end of the cancellation I was offered sky cinema for 3 months for FREE
null (03/10/2019, 13:18:11): I accepted the offer, but when I checked in passes and vouchers it said I would pay £4.80/month from 19 October
null (03/10/2019, 13:18:45): Can I get sky cinema free for 3 months?
Now (03/10/2019, 13:19:25): Hello, Good afternoon.
null (03/10/2019, 13:19:52): Hello Now (03/10/2019, 13:20:43): Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me get this checked for you and help you accordingly.
null (03/10/2019, 13:21:34): No problem
null (03/10/2019, 13:24:22): I have cancelled the cinema pass.
Now (03/10/2019, 13:25:16): I cannot help you with a free voucher, you can avail the offer you have received or I can help you with another discounted deal.
null (03/10/2019, 13:27:10): No thanks. I was offered 3 months of sky cinema for free. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot, but would it be possible to let whoever set that up know it does not work.
null (03/10/2019, 13:27:23): Thanks



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Funnily enough I got this today, so in the end I got the three months free...


Hi Brian,

Ref: 05794711


Thank you for your patience in allowing us to get back to you, and please accept my apologies for the delay in response. 

I can see from previous correspondence that you had contacted in regarding an offer that you were unable to claim. Whilst we have not been able to verify the offer, due to the time it has taken to resolve this I would like to offer to provide you with a 3 month voucher code to avail of The Sky Cinema Pass for free as a gesture of goodwill. 

Please let me know if you are happy to accept this as resolution to your complaint and I will supply the voucher on return. 

Kind Regards

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Well well, I too got scammed by the "Free" pass and got hit with a £3.60 charge for NowTV entertainment. I clicked "Cancel" (not happy as they will have taken the money from my account), and when I cancelled the pass, I immediately got an offer for "Free 3 months Sky Cinema".


I took a screenshot of this as I thought it might be phoney again, and guess what, after agreeing to a free offer of charges of £0.00 per month for 3 months, it turns out I will be charged £4.80 a month from 3 June, and worse than that the charge is hidden behind a dropdown.


I'd love to put the images here, but the site is telling me I'm not allowed to upload images.




Hi Triple B


If you're not being actively blocked then post that incriminating screen print.  After all, you followed a straight line and got duped then why should you follow that same line now?


Prove your point, post the picture.


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A similar thing happened to me. I cancelled sky cinema and got an email saying I could get 3 months for £11.99. Didn’t happen! I paid £11.99 only for the next months payment to also say £11.99. Can’t talk on the chat as it’s down. 

why send these emails out if you aren’t going to stick to them

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How do I contact now tv for refund , I was offered free 3 month entertainment, but charged 3,60  today l - not what I agreed to , cannot find email contact anywhere , must be illegal 

now tv please send me means of contact 

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Same with me, 3 months entertainment offer for free, took it up along with 3 months boost for £6. I've just checked my account and it's saying I will be charged £3.

60 for the entertainment pass. This is criminal what they are doing and could get them into trouble with trading standards.


I have the same issue - was offered 3 months free for entertainment, but can see that when that offer starts this month I will be charged £3.60.


Clearly something wrong with that particular offer.

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I completed the form when logged in at .  I explained the issue about the offer changing from free to paid.  The initial response was that no such offers exist, which is clearly wrong.  I therefore replied with screenshots and asked them to escalate it as a complaint if they weren't able to resolve it.  They sent codes for a replacement offer.


Worth a try - they should also arrange a refund if you have been charged when you were on a free offer.  The screenshots on here and elsewhere can act as proof the offer exists if you don't have your own.

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You can contact them when logged in through - they reply in a few days (from experience, as I have posted elsewhere on this thread).

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They said I imagined the offer , 

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Reply, attach screenshots and ask that they escalate it as a formal complaint if they are not able to apply the offer you agreed to. It would also be worth highlighting how disappointed you are to be effectively accused of lying/imagining it.

They really need to sort their system, and also their customer service when resolving issues like this.