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12 month TV pass deals for Black Friday?

Hi, I usually renew my 12 months of passes via the Black Friday Pass bundle deals. However this year there does not seem to be any deals on TV passes. Have I missed it, or do you know if there will be any 12 month deals please?


Anonymous User
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Oh well, no more nowtv for me either then, it's definitely not worth the money, even with the current 6 month deals they got on.

Scholar 2

Just been on Live chat basically got told tough s**t. Pay full price or sod of.

No 6 month offer, no retention offer.

So will go with Disney+ next month for the Xmas period.

Anonymous User
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Yup I’ve heard others with the same experience as yours. I’ve cancelled my packages and like others I’m looking at Netflix, Prime & Disney+. If you buy an Apple product, you get free Apple TV for a year too apparently.