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Anonymous User
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Black friday deal?

Knowing that people might want 1 month sport to watch the world cup. They offer 1 month free, instead of offering a discount on 1 month. Typical sky. 

Such a shame there is pretty much ZERO other option for watching world cup in the UK. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 

The World Cup is not on Sky Sports.

Where all the games are on BBC and ITV.

Anonymous User
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I think usually by "all the games" on BBC and ITV they only mean England games. I want to watch other countries games more than England. 

In Canada sport is £12 a month converted. Doesn't work through a VPN though.

Based on what I can see all the games are on sky sports, is that wrong? 


Just looked closer at TV schedule and they are playing all the games on ITV and BBC. OK I will use that then.