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12 month TV pass deals for Black Friday?

Hi, I usually renew my 12 months of passes via the Black Friday Pass bundle deals. However this year there does not seem to be any deals on TV passes. Have I missed it, or do you know if there will be any 12 month deals please?



Looking for the exact same thing myself. So I’ve cancelled my passes that I bought last year and am waiting to find the yearly bundle for entertainment and movies. 

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I saw on twitter someone from Now tv replied to the same question and they aren't doing anything for black Friday this year. I try to cancel my passes based on "not affording" it offers me 6months half price for both cinema and entertainment then I just get an error when trying to accept

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Well they'll be losing a bucket load of customers and cash then.

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Last year, 2019 ,  on Black Friday, people from Now TV were telling people that there were ,'No Offers' planned , but later on the Day the offer appeared.


I would advise to be patient and maybe the same will happen again !

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@JamesD76 @Anonymous User @Gilli1 

Check out this thread


Hate to say but Now TV have ditched the Black Friday deals in order for personalised offers in your account or when you go to “cancel” your passes.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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entertainment and cinema half price for 6 months if you don’t currently have the passes.


Surprised there are no offers for new customers.  I suspect Now TV don’t believe there are many who haven’t tried it by now.


Also no more vouchers, so once my 6 months of cinema (3 * 2 months), my 3 months of entertainment and 13 months of sports vouchers loaded onto my accounts have gone, I will have to cross fingers and hope for offers.  Of course that is presuming there is some TV and Cinema being produced.  Doesn’t appear to be much prospect of many new movies in the new year as nothing much was released after March this year.

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Again as others have pointed out, that 6 month offer for Entertainment and Movies is not generic.

Seems to be as random as those getting Sky sPorts offers.

As of 1st Dec I have Sports and that it, once the NFL season is over i'll cancel that. Will go back to Disney+ for over Xmas.

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@Anonymous User if you can, take a screen shot of the offers and jump on live chat. They'll manually apply them at their end.


For the others saying that they don't have any offers, or not receiving retention offers, do what I do and jump on live chat to see if they'll offer you anything. In recent weeks I've been given a heavy discount on entertainment and sport when asking. On the flip side, they wouldn't offer me anything for movies but there's no harm in asking.

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take a screen shot of the offers and jump on live chat. They'll manually apply them at their end.

For anyone who needs it...