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Replacement Now Smart stick

  • My Now Smart TV stick is on its last legs. Where is best to get a replacement?@members
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Legend 5

Hi @TheJastor 

What's wrong with the NOW Stick? 

I would say the majority on here would recommend either Roku or Amazon Fire Sticks.


Thanks for responding.
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I own both a Roku and fire stick, my personal preferred one is the Roku due to its clean interface, Fire TV seems more modern, but at the same time its incredibly cluttered and busy - aimed a selling Amazon content first and foremost , Roku is just a plain grid of apps with some of the advanced features ( search/my feed etc) accessible but tucked away

 Plus the Now stick is a ( severely) cut down and hobbled Roku unit ( running some custom firmware)  so the Roku should be familiar, and the remote for the Now stick may also work with the Roku so you will have a spare should you need it.


Either which way i would avoid the entry level devices of each