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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Episodes cut short - Sky Comedy

Has anyone else noticed that episodes are cut short on Sky Comedy? Noticeably The Office (USA) and Parks and Recreation, all of the episodes on Now TV are around 20 minutes long, but originally and on other streaming services (Amazon/Netflix) they ar...

Expired pass error code 10024

Hi, For a couple of episodes of The US Office, I am getting an "Expired Pass" message with the error code 10024. It's only happened for a couple - season 6 eps 19 and 24 so far. Can anyone help? Found something on here about a specific issue but that...

Resolved! Lion King not working Error 1300

Hi all, have the movie pass via NowTV box. All other films working but Lion King (2019 version) keeps coming up with Error 1300 - "we dint't have this at the moment". Anyone else having this problem or know how to resolve it. No NowTV help or live ch...