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Key Episodes of Adventure Time Missing

Hey there,


So I've been watching Adventure Time a lot recently, after my younger brothers started watching it and it has some really compelling characters; however, a lot of key episodes to these characters' development are just...missing.


A lot of episodes simply don't exist, many of them are misnumbered (overall), with a process of 24, 25, 261, for example. 

This show is mainly chaotic and instanced, with each episode being primarily self contained; but as it was aired the producers did the very smart thing of adding some overarching storylines with some insanely emotional episodes, some of which being:

  • Simon & Marcy (A very important episode, developmentally, and a very very sad one)
  • It Came From The Nightosphere (An episode where a characters heritage is revealed that then gets further referenced for the rest of the show. Without context when watching on NowTV)

And I should add, It Came From The Nightosphere, a characteristicaly important episode, has been omitted so badly that the episode it originally aired with, "The Eyes" (two 11 minute slots to make up an "episode") has actually been put on Now TV, with an 11 minute runtime. Is this due to some strange censorship against character depth?

Anyone have an explanation?


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I agree I have had the same issue, they're all muddled up and luckily I've watched it before otherwise I wouldn't know what's happening 🙂 especially when i only paid 3.99 so I can watch it all again and are missing some of the best episodes!! 😞

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I don’t know why the episodes are missing/out of order but I made a guide of how to watch adventure time in order of release with the missing episodes from other places


How to watch adventure time in order on nowtv:


Key: missing episodes (#)


Set of episodes (-)


Banned episodes in the UK ([ ])


In season 7 on nowtv (*)


Note: only the first part of an episode is listed for the episodes on nowtv



Season 1


  1. pilot #
  2. Slumber party panic
  3. Prisoners of love
  4. The enchiridion
  5. Ricardio the heart - when wedding bells thaw
  6. Henchman
  7. The duke
  8. Donny #
  9. What have you done - gut grinder


Season 2


  1. It came from the nightosphere #
  2. The eyes
  3. Loyalty to the king
  4. Storytelling - power animal
  5. The chamber of frozen blades
  6. Her parents
  7. Pods - the real you
  8. Death in bloom #
  9. Susan strong - mortal folly
  10. Mortal recoil #


Season 3


  1. Conquest of cuteness - Too young
  2. Still
  3. Adventures of Fiona and cake
  4. What was missing
  5. No one can hear you #
  6. The creeps #
  7. Beautopia
  8. From bad to worse #
  9. Jake vs me-mow #
  10. The new frontier #
  11. Holly jolly secrets
  12. Second part of another way (paper Pete)
  13. First part of another way (another way)
  14. Ghost princess #
  15. Marceline’s closet


Season 4


  1. Hot to the touch
  2. Web weirdos #
  3. Five short graybles
  4. Return to the nightosphere #
  5. Daddy’s little monster #
  6. In your footsteps #? (Only plays download and half the episode is missing)
  7. Hug wolf #
  8. Princess monster - Beyond this earthly
  9. Gotcha! #
  10. Card wars (at the beginning of season 5)
  11. Son of mars - I remember you


Season 5


  1. Finn the human - Mystery dungeon
  2. All your fault #
  3. Little dude - The great bird man
  4. A glitch is a glitch (end of season 5)
  5. Puhoy (Second to last of season 5)
  6. BMO lost #
  7. One last job - Princess potluck
  8. James Baxter the horse #
  9. Shhh! - James
  10. Blades of grass - The red throne
  11. Lemonhope
  12. Billy’s bucket list


Season 6


  1. [Wake up] #
  2. [Escape from the citadel] #
  3. Food chain - Princess day
  4. [The tower] #
  5. Sad face
  6. [Breezy] #
  7. The prince who wanted everything -Everything’s Jake
  8. The pyjama wars
  9. The cooler
  10. Dark purple - Graybles 1000+
  11. Adventure time: Water park prank (at the end of the season)
  12. You forgot your floaties - Hot diggity doom


Season 7


  1. Bonnie and neddy
  2. Varmints
  3. Cherry cream soda
  4. Mama said
  5. Football
  6. Stakes part 1 - Stakes part 6
  7. Stakes part 7
  8. Stakes part 8
  9. The more you moe, the moe you know #
  10. Summer showers
  11. Angel face - the president porpoise is missing
  12. Blank eyed girl
  13. Bad Jubies
  14. A king’s ransom
  15. Scamps - The hall of egress
  16. Flute spell
  17. The thin yellow line


Season 8


  1. Broke his crown*
  2. Don’t look*
  3. Beyond the grotto of the sea nymph*
  4. Lady ranicorn and the crystal dimension*
  5. I am a sword*
  6. Bun bun* - Elemental*
  7. Five short tables*
  8. The music hole*
  9. Daddy daughter card wars*
  10. Preboot* - Reboot*
  11. Two swords - Do no harm
  12. Wheels - Horse and ball
  13. Jelly beans have power - Islands part 8


Season 9


  1. Orb - Abstract
  2. Ketchup
  3. Fiona and cake and Fiona - Whispers
  4. Three buckets


Season 10


  1. The wild hunt
  2. Always BMO closing
  3. Son of rap bear
  4. Bonnibel bubblegum
  5. Seventeen
  6. Ring of fire - Belnanas
  7. Jake the starchild
  8. Temple of mars
  9. Gumbaldia - Come along with me



Lemons and diamonds is a separate episode produced in conjunction with mojang to promote Minecraft and exists non-canonically


I don’t think this is perfect but I did my best if I missed anything out can you reply below (up to date as of 04/05/19)


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Thank you so much for doing the list, it's awesome that someone would take the time to do that 🙂 I've recently watched all the episodes on NOW TV after only seeing a small handful on Netflix years ago. I was gutted to find out there was a huge chunk of them missing so hopefully now I know the ones that I haven't seen and the order I can do my best to find them. Any idea why they would ban episodes from UK? That's really weird, I'm hoping I can still find them somewhere online
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You can find them on YouTube- people sometimes still upload them but there’s not really a good way to get them other than that. The banned episodes are banned because they’re supposed to be grotesque but are mostly to do with




Finn’s missing arm



however, they did still cut a lot of shots from the final UK release of adventure time like certain lines or adult jokes etc. There’s a wiki fandom page that has all the missing bits from the UK release of adventure time listed on it

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I think the order is abit better now seems OK ive seen it all before and just redone still a couple issues I think its been a while


Now tv missing and hidden episodes


Any with the dollar ($) sign are on now tv they are just separate from the 10 seasons and require you to search the episode name


Season 1
• Ep21 donny
Season 2
• Ep1 It came from the nightosphear
• Ep17 Death in bloom
• Ep25 Mortal reciol
Season 3
• Ep12 the creeps
• Ep15 no one can hear you
• Ep16 jake vs me- mow
• Ep18 The now frontier
Season 4
• Ep3 web weirdo's
• Ep5 return to the nightosphear
• Ep6 daddy's little monster
• Ep12 gotcha
Season 5
• Ep15 puhoy $
• Ep16 a glitch is a glitch $
Season 6
• Ep1 Wake up
• Ep2 Escape from the citadel
• Ep4 the tower
• Ep6 breezy
• Ep37 waterpark prank $
Season 7
• Ep14 the more you moe $
• Ep15 the moe you know $
• Ep28 don't look
Season 8
• Ep10 islands part 4

(very strange as parts 1 to 3 then 5 to 8 are there no idea why they wouldn't include part 4)
Season 9
• Well would you look at that all epsiodes are there thats a first...
Season 10
• Ep13 come along with me $


I assume the episodes that are missing have either unsuitable themes or there banned because of fins flower arm

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Why is this still the case?? You can't charge and have this many episodes missing.

NOW Team Member
NOW Team Member

Hi @Anonymous User 


Please try using the search function, then you can see many different folders of Adventure time at once.


The separation is intended by distributor, NOW TV do not have right to edit this.


Thank you.


*Please note that I am only able to look into on content related queries, any account, offer, etc related, please contact our customer team or live chat for help. Thank you.

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This isn't true - please see the messages above containing lists of episodes not included. 

There are MANY very important episodes with character arcs missing Including Wake Up, Escape from the Citadel, The Nightosphere episodes.