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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Problems watching The Jinx

Hi there, I started watching the Jinx yesterday and decided to continue today but the episodes are not playing. I keep getting the "Sorry, something went wrong. Please go back and try to play again." message. Is there a fix coming for this issue? Ver...

The sopranos season 6 won’t play

Hi,I have the now tv app on my phone, and the last two episodes of the sopranos in season six won’t play, even though there isn’t an issue with my WiFi. When I try to play it it just doesn’t load, or it come on but lags and has no sound.please can so...

Handmaids tale - season 3

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if Now TV is any closer to getting season 3 of Handmaids tale? This is one of my favourite series and I've been waiting so long for the third series to be added onto this!!  I recently came back to NOW Tv hoping th...