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Watching NOW TV



I watch now tv on my apple tv.


Does anyone else agree the GUI and general way it works entirely rubbish?


Is it going to be upgraded? If so when?


If I buy a Now TV box is it a better experience at all?



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@Anonymous User


There,s quite a lot of discussion on the lack of features in the ATV app in this thread here


Unfortunately NOW TV haven't commented on when or if the app will be updated, and it is now sadly lacking in features particularly the watchlist and continue watching features of the other apps that make it quite cumbersome to use. As a result I stopped using the ATV a while back and am very happy with the NOW TV box experience instead.  The following help page gives an overview of the box

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opposite experience for me Smiley Happy


after 3 x puck-of-pain, ALL eventually developing the same logon issue (which NowTV always blamed my stable, for every other device, WiFi)  and i figured out it was ACCOUNT related by simply starting another Smiley Mad I literally gave up!


I would then use Airplay to get the NowTV app on the telly from an iOS device, which worked but seemed a tad heath-robinson


Longed for a direct app on my AppleTV but didn't get that ability until I upgraded to Apple TV2 (4th gen)



when I need NowTV I can view with the hardware stability of my Apple TV (the puck-of-pain is what it is, cheap!) ,

so I'm not so unhappy about the User Interface of the app as I literally press and go to watch a particular show/content



IF there was better and more content that I wanted to watch, then perhaps I'd have the same beef about the dated and featureless app that i see in many posts


but for me its a play button to SKY shows that I wouldn't normally be able to access from Virgin... and nothing more.  


my 50 pence.