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AppleTV can not play this content error

Getting this lots lately, especially bad on kids channels which is causing some upset. Seems sporadic as some episodes work, others do not. For example, this evening, the first few episodes of Green Lanterns gave the error, ep 5 did not. This morning...

Resolved! New Apple TV version 4 support

New Apple TV launches October 2015.Will nowtv app be available on New Apple TV version 4 at launch.

Apple TV 2

I have an Apple TV2 and was hoping to use it to view NOW TV. However, the app is not showing and I am not sure how to install the app. Am I missing something, or do I need an Apple TV 4?

Resolved! Problem logging into AppleTV

I bought a NowTV monthly pass but can't logon to the App on the AppleTV. I was sure I used the same email address as my Sky account but it won't let me login.  I can see my pass is active on the TV. Also, when I logon to the website I can't see my pa...

Sound out of sync with pictures

I have a new now TV box connected to my cello TV and ee Internet how can I correct this problem. I'm trying to watch box sets and it is hard to watch... I'm paying for this thought It would be betterPlease help

Screen stutters

When I watch a football match via the now tv app embedded in my new Samsung TV the picture isn't right. In particular the anything fast moving like the ball is blurred. I don't have this problem with downloaded material via my Virgin TiVo box, or DVD...

Your Apple Tv App is a disgrace

Considering how much money you make and the resources you must have available to you how is it that your app is so bad and missing many of the feafures available on the iphone. Don't bother with any excuses, and Netflix and IPlayer have managed to cr...

Apple TV - Episodes list not updating

Episodes are available on all other platforms apart from 4th gen Apple TV! NowTV are falling behind the times with Apple TVapp, I'm debating going to back to Netflix again!

Resolved! Picture ahead of sound

I'm watching sky cinema on my laptop, I have tried many different browsers & unticked the second option on silver light, restarted the movie but still no hope. The picture is way ahead of the sound by about 2 minutes.

Yukon Vet

On demand Episodes for this will not play. A message comes up saying permission denied. Please fix this!