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Issue with Continue Watching

I have a Roku Streaming Stick that when returning to finish watching a movie started the night before will resume play at the wrong point in time. Last night it resumed 15 minutes prior to where we stopped watching. When trying to fast forward, the remaining time of the movie would reduce but every so often jump back up again. Pressing play may resume playing further into the movie but sometimes it would start playing even furhter back than I started! I would also get issues where I could then no longer fast forward, pressing the button brough up the screen with the icons for rewind, play, fast forward etc and highling the fast forward button but it would not fast forward (would not pause either). Leaving it to play and then briefly getting the Now TV logo in the middle of the screen seemed to then allow me to fast forward again.


Resetting the streaming stick didn't help. Firmware on stick and Now TV app is up to date. I did not try it on another device.


Anyone else had a similar issue? Is it a device issue or just a Now TV issue?

Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User



Thanks for getting in touch with us.


That is quite strange we haven't come across this before if you follow these steps for the Roku player to see if they help at alll



Let us know how you get on.