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Trying to pause a film/programme and it goes back to the start screen.

I try to watch a film/tv programme and when I pause it it goes back to the start/apps screen. I tried fast forwarding to the bit I was at before I paused it and it again went back to the start screen. I have tried everything to sort it out, unplugging my router, a factory reset, the press home 5×, fast forward 3× and rewind 2× to get to the update bit and nothing is making any difference. I've only had the boxes for a year.
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Legend 5

@Anonymous User do you have a Roku device? Or one of the Now boxes? If one of the Now boxes, do a hard reset. For a black box put pin in small hole, for smart box push button underneath for 30 secs until the chattering teeth appear and it says "let's get started"
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