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Poor customer service

Why is it that I ordered my broadband on the 14th of August and it is still not working? I’ve just had an engineer round today to set the hub up once and for all (12 weeks later!!), just to be told there’s a problem again?? He did so many tests whilst he was here and confirmed with Now Tv on the phone that it was all working but I’m unable to connect. Now I’m being told I need another engineer visit! No apology until I asked for one today on the phone and no offer of compensation for any of this. I’m a uni student and can’t even do my work. 

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Re: Poor customer service

You basically need to hassle Now TV every day until they do something. However, even with daily contact problems still take a long time to get resolved. 12 weeks is unforgivable - my advice would be cancel while you still can and find a provider that actually cares about their customers.  Good luck - you’ll need it while Now TV are involved!

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