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Complaint about customer service

Would like second opinions here,

I phoned to cancel my broadbrand, they asked for any particular reason I said no. Usual sales pitch and I kept saying no, which is fine, then they asked for any particular date in mind for cancellation and I said no thinking they would cancel before my next bill date. 

I was then informed they would cancel on the 17th so I would be billed again and I said well I would rather in my current bill period so I wont be charged again. I was informed that wasnt possible as he already sent the cancellation request through and I would have to wait until monday. So I was then asked for final confirmation to cancel my service as is part of the process and I said no.

Thats when he sounded agitated which to be fair I know I was being awkward but the process is very backwards if I couldnt change the date of cancellation and the cancellation was already sent through before the final confirmation from me was given, I dont understand why not just wait until you have got that second cancellation. He was very ademant to cancel my service and even after I said multiple times no he replied "so i have your permission to cancel you service", then told him it sounded like he has made a mistake but he ensured me he had not.

So i need to phone back and double check if indeed my service has been cancelled and if it has this is very sketchy as my final answer is no and if that final confirmation does not matter then why ask i wonder.

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@ZS There is a much easier way to cancel your broadband  ( if you dont have full fibre) that completely avoids having to deal with customer support and will by pass all the hassle you are having .

 But this depends upon why you want to cancel your now account , and what you are planning to move to next.

The big question is :

 Are you moving to a new broadband provider at the same address, and if so who and on what package/deal?

Depending upon the answer to the above you may be able to get rid of Now broadband with little to no fuss



I will be moving to a new broadbrand provider to Virgins full fibre, I will be having a new fibre conenction installed into the house so I think my current contract will Now will not be cancelled automatically.

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Virgin media also do landline calls , is there a landline/phone service with your Virgin media account?

Sometimes it may be bundled in on a take it or leave it approach , and sometimes it can be on a pay as you go/pay as you use it ( you only pay for calls made) or a monthly fee.

 If just having a landline number is bundled or costs nothing then its something you should take up with Virgin media  and you should port your Now broadband landline number to VM


Why is the landline important for cancelling Now?

 up until very recently and only if you have just signed up to a broadband deal , your broadband is tied to your phone number - if you cancel broadband you loose the phone number, if you  cancel the phone number you loose the broadband on that line.

 If you "port" or move the landline number to a new provider that automatically ( should) trigger a cancellation of the broadband with your old provider , so if you port / move your landline number  to Virgin media then the Now Broadband account with Now would( should)  automatically cease and you do not need to contact Now over this, the only communication you may receive is an email or possibly a letter along the lines of "sorry to see you go " and a few offers from Now/Sky trying to tempt you to stay.


If the landline number is important to you there are a few other options to port it way ( and cancel your Now broadband in the process) i would recomend moving to a Voip provider such as Voiphone or Andrews and Arnold ( depending upon your usage) if they are cheaper than  any Virgin media package and you are OK using an adaptor and/or apps on your phone