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Terrible Device Limit

I've complained about this device limit before when I bought an AppleTV, only to find out I couldnt use NOWTV on it because of this device limit, last week my girlfriend accidently removed our Apple TV from the device list to watch the F1 on her laptop and now I'm in the same situation.  That was our main device so now we can't watch NOWTV in the living room.

This device limit is absolutely rediculous, we are just a family of two but in our home we have 2 TVs, a PC, 2 tablets, 2 phones, a laptop, Apple TV, PS4 and I also would like to use NOWTV at work occasionally on one of 2 computers, having to manage these devices is pain enough but making the time frame a month is just appauling, Netflix doesn't have this, the 2 stream limit seems like it would do more than enough to limit excessive use of the service.  Why punish normal users for fear that some rogues will abuse the service?

Streaming services are supposed to be about convenience, at this rate it would be more convenient for me to just wait a bit and buy the shows I want on iTunes. 

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Hi @Anonymous User


I have allowed you an extra change this month as an exception to our device policy to get you back up and running.




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Legend 5

@Matthew1234567 it's due to the licensing agreements with studios.
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I bought 4 of the Now Tv devices months ago as I happened to have 4 rooms with Tv's. I soon found out that after registering all 4 devices I could not play now TV on my phone or tablet, they all came with 2 month passes so have used them and watch now TV with the box passes, not a bad service to be honest,but will cancle it soon as passes have run out and I'm not paying for a service that limits the devices I can run it on. I have netflix and Amazon prime video also and they haven't a ridiculous device limit. 


So unless this changes, it goodbye now TV for me.


@4268 wrote:
@Matthew1234567it's due to the licensing agreements with studios.

Is that true? I don't really believe it is because why would Netflix, Amazon, TV Player and every other streaming service not have it?

I suspect the truth is that Now TV is built on the Sky Go platform which has these type of restrictions. And the rationale for that is if people can stream on multiple devices they won't pay subs for extra set top boxes. Virgin Media has a two device limit (even worse given I pay £41/month). I suspect this is also a legacy of the platform they have built with the intent of making people get extra set top boxes at £7/month.

I won't cancel Now because of this but it has made me do things like have three separate accounts for sports, entertainment and cinema which pretty much circumvents it and gives me 12 devices if I so wish.  

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The device limit is ridiculous and unfair. It goes against the concept of streaming. I Can’t stream wherever I am because of this limit. It’s a bloody farce and an expensive one at that!
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I really disagree that this is an adequate solution, I’ve just found this post through a google search and I couldn’t agree more.

The device limit with NowTV needs to be reviewed at the highest level; you already have a multi stream limit which is more than adequate for stopping abuse of the service.

People today have a lot of devices, between tablets, phones and TVs, and PCs, MacBooks etc. E.g in my household there is like 10+ devices?

Especially for your heavy tech users, who are the kind of users who actively promote the service with friends and family.

Personally, I’m going to cancel my subscription this month due to this, and won’t be returning until something is done to resolve it. All other major streaming services such as the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming don’t have this draconian policy. 


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I got the mobile sports pass the other day and noted it has taken two device slots for my two phones. Thing is that now means I can only have two other devices for any other passes. To get around this I will use another account, but why aren't the mobile devices considered separately?

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So it’s 2019 and we still have these arcane device limits. Come on Now TV, at least give us unlimited devices but limited to two concurrent streams. It would make the service so much more useful.

i have a stack of Now TV boxes that you keep giving me for free that I can’t use because of 4 device limit. It’s bonkers!!!

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I’m having the exact same problem. On the verge of cancelling this when I can’t even watch it. Thing is I haven’t even moved or changed devices from the last time I was using it. Go figure. So frustrating and just feels like a waste of money 


@Anonymous User 

Hi Kita

You said, "Thing is I haven't even moved or changed devices from the last time I was using it.  Go figure?"

I bet you've had a software updates on one or more of the devices you are using, simply because whenever a non-Now TV device, except Roku's, receive an update the Now TV systems sees it as another (new) device, hence your devices seem to multiply on their own.

The only thing you can do is contact Now TV's help chat and get them to reset your devices, and yes, you will probably have to do this every time your devices get software updates.


UK Bob



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@ukbobboy wrote:

I bet you've had a software updates on one or more of the devices you are using, simply because whenever a non-Now TV device, except Roku's, receive an update the Now TV systems sees it as another (new) device, hence your devices seem to multiply on their own.

I had this issue with my three youview boxes! Every few weeks I would sit down to watch something only to find that all three boxes would no longer allow me to watch anything. When logging in to my Now TV account, the devices were still listed yet the boxes always threw up an error. People say get on to live chat, what a pain to have to do this every 6 weeks or so! When you do, the reset only allows you to add the one box, not all three. I no longer watch NOW TV on Youview because of this.