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updated payment details

Hi i have updated my payment details today and am slightly late doing it as i forgot, one was due out on the 16th and the other on the 20th (today is the 23rd)  i know that most companies will try again the next working day but as this has passed will they try again or will i have to do something else? 


 I have been trying to find how to live chat on the website for a while today and cant seem to get one so this is why i am posting to see if any of you lovely people can help me.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Here's a link page below where you can find the NowTV live chat service (just click on the green chat button).


Should the chat button not work for you, then try a different internet browser.


If you are still getting no joy, then use the web form instead as a way of getting in touch with NowTV.


Don't let the link heading saying complaints put you off, where it's the same live chat service.


This link below is easier to find, rather ploughing through the help guides, where there are a couple more steps and screen pages to finally find and reach live chat.


Should you be a NowTV Broadband customer, then there are a few places to find their telephone number on your NowTV Broadband Account. 

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thankyou so much, i will remember that for next time luckily the payment has been taken over the weekend so for future reference they do try it again a few days after.