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Account cancellation

Every time when I try to cancel my account, I open my "Membership" page, but it won't display my membership and there's a message saying that "something went wrong" and to "try again later". It's been A WEEK and nothing changed I don't want to be billed for November again.


Please help!

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@Anonymous User 

Have you tired another browser?


Head onto live chat and they will sort you out. Just make sure to click "chat online".


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Anonymous User


If you are in the UK, or Republic of Ireland or Italy then make sure the url address in your Internet browser box is not diverting you to the wrong country.


I have seen the happen before, where if you are a UK customer somewhere in the url address will show gb, Republic of Ireland there will be an ie instead of gb and Italy there will be a it in the url address instead of gb or ie.


Hopefully a different browser will sort it, if not maybe try a browser incognito mode or a private window and if using a VPN disable it.


If you have a mobile phone with Internet data, then also try that if none of the above works. 

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I have had the same problem today and could not cancel my subscription. I went to a different browser and was able to cancel. It seemed to be Firefox which was displaying the  "something went wrong" and to "try again later" message but able to cancel my subscription immediately on microsoft edge browser. I hope this helps you too