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Activity in Account and Billing - Broadband


Hey! I want to cancel my broadband contract with NOW. I supposed to get my broadband installed on the 31st January, I'm still waiting for it. It's absolutely not acceptable. Who does know how I can do it? 

Ieva by Advocate
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Terrible terrible customer service

Have never been anything but overly nice and polite to customer service people as Ive worked in customer facing roles and understand how miserable it can be, yet was blocked from chat by an agent for no reason, and when i was trying to understand a p...

Problems cancelling hayu

I've tried to cancel membership to Hayu several times to avoid a charge after seven day trial as I haven't watched it and don't intend to. I complete the process and keep receiving the message 'oops there is a problem try again later. Any suggestions...

SharonM by Advocate
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End of Contract in Sep

I would like to cancel the service after my contract end,what should I do?do I need to / how could I return the Broadband Kit?ps, I tried to call and gave up after waiting for an hour. Thank you!

N0W by Advocate
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