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Broadband Services not showing in my Account. Help

I have been using Now services for years.  I have just recently decided to join NOW broadband too.  It went live TODAY and is working ok, but I need to change the parental controls.  Every link I had been sent regarding my broadband gives a link to my account, but when I log in there is nothing indicating that I have a broadband services.  I joined Broadband via the telephone so could this be an admin error and they haven't linked all my services under my existing account?


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Hi @Magic 

Before getting back in touch with the NOW Broadband Team, see if using another internet browser helps.

There was another forum member in the past that used incognito mode for them to access their Broadband account plus make alterations to their Broadband Buddy Settings.

Might not work in your case, but worth trying anyway.

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Did they perhaps set up a new account? Best to call and check, they won't respond here: 0330 332 3050.