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Activity in Account and Billing - Broadband

Contract start date

My contract was to end 4 February 2024. I responded to an email to renew my contract today. The new contract is 12 months from today (24 January). Surely as a renewal it should start from when the old contract ended. Could somebody please explain to ...

LindaH by Mentor
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Direct Debit

By Mistake i have remove direct debit from my bank account for Now TV how i can add back.Because when i tried to add card payment detail it is giving me error.

Zohaib by Newbie
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Resolved! Address/billing amount

my address i surely know and what is stated on my deeds at land registry and what is on royal mail postcode finder i asked after 4 people and 3 hours of my time the address to be corrected and told no one in the company can do that!!!!!!!! you will n...

jaki by Newbie
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Resolved! Membership commencement date

Hi! I've recently joined Now. I chose my broadband to start on a day I would be at home so that the technician could visit. However, the technician is not required to visit as was just informed by Now. How can I change the commencement date of my mem...

DimNow by Newbie
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Switching from NOW

I'm switching from Now to Vodaphone on the 3rd of July but a payment is due to leave my account for next month on 21st June. Vodaphone says they will tell Now about the switch and manage it, but should I cancel my direct debit so that I can pay the c...

Resolved! Free number or live chat

Needing a free number to ring regarding my account? Or a live chat, I will he getting my broadband disconnected and I can only pay for services on the 6th of April. Please help anyone? @Broadband

Nicolle by Mentor
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