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Tier 2 - 'Third Party Issue' - No call back, still no broadband

I am looking for some suggestions on how to go forward with NOW TV or way of approaching my problem beyond what I am already doing.


I have ordered and made payment (rolling contract) for a switch to Now (from BT) that was due to go live (no engineer needed) on Monday. BT closed the previous connection (or rather Openreach have?) and yet Now have not provided or picked up the line/supply of Broadband. Since Monday I have therefore been without call or internet in a house with a vulnerable adult. Needless to say I am very upset but that doesn't get anything done, so I remain calm in the hope somebody at Now knows what they are doing!


Calling I receive the reply 'A third party issue' - which by scanning this forum seems to be a generic reason. Customer service agents seem to not have access to any of Openreach notes about what precisely the issue is with the switch, this seems very poor. Yesterday someone was going to ring (having been placed on Tier 2 Tuesday) and didn't, today I am yet to call as I would appreciate advice on how to proceed.


My feeling is currently to cancel the entire contract and try another provider, but I am wondering if I would then lose my current telephone number (being currently stuck in limbo) as I would like to port that?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Can't help much sorry.


Keep chasing NowTV up by phoning the NowTV Complaints telephone number in this link. 


I know it is no consolation, but see if you are entitled to financial compensation due to lack of service.


Also ask them what happens if you cancel the order and switch to another provider.


Have you also tried speaking to your previous provider BT, if it would be straight forward with little time involved to go back to them (unless you are not happy using BT again).


You might be in the same boat going with another provider who relies on BT Openreach (unless you look at a different delivery method of receiving internet to your home).