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Stream Quality - 90

Earlier when I was watching the Formula One my stream quality on SS F1 was 7834 as I bought the boost @ £3 extra p/m.


Now on Sky Sports NFL - since the England match started on Main Event my stream will not go above 90. It's extremely pixelated, and freezes too.


I'm wired directly with ethernet cable and just ran a speed test. I'm getting 110 MBps with Virgin Media. 


This also happened on Thursday night when Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland were playing on Sky Sports at the same time on 3 different channels. 


Seems to be that there is overload issues. How do I claim a refund as I'm paying £36.99 per month for a service which is unwatchable. 


I have exactly the same issue.  I was getting a bad picture during the first half of the England Belgium game so switched off and restarted app on my TV and Now it’s even worse!

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Exactly the same issue. Nowtv don’t have the bandwidth or servers to deal with the demand now. So anytime there is a big event on or allot of customers watching live at the same time you’ll find the quality drops and you get buffering. I’ve reported it to now tv and just go through the reset your equipment rubbish. 

Scholar 3

I suggested that to now tv today.  For me its anwhere between 16:30/17:00 until 1800-1900

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Same thing tonight trying to watch England game in HD. Stream was only 4831, all other HD channels 192!


Then, as usual, the App crashed on my Bravia TV.


My Apple TV app is still 💯 solid, although only SD, but at least does not buffer and continuously crash.


Canceling my Boost sub now, it's hopeless on the Bravia.