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Now Broadband not going live for two weeks

Hello all,

I'm located in Marston, Oxford and recently purchased a NOW Hub 2 which was due to go live on 25th Aug. The engineer came and installed the cables, but he said there's some remaining issue and another visit should take place within the next few days to fix stuffs outside the house. As you can guess, this issue is never fixed afterwards, and NOW Broadband keeps postponing the deadline by which they are supposed to give further updates.

I got the most recent message from them last week which says 'our back office provisioning team had contacted Openreach again and unfortunately the delay is still ongoing with faulty equipment within your local telephone exchange that needs to be replaced in order to provide you with a service. New wires had been allocated to Openreach to replace the faulty ones at the exchange however this did not resolve this issue. We will contact Openreach again and provide you the latest update by 07/09/2023 and keep you informed on any further delays.' However no news from them so far today.

Has anyone here on the platform ever run into similar conditions? And if so, how did you sort out the problem?

Many thanks!

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All you can do is call the broadband team. Make sure you’re signed in and click the ‘How to get in touch’ drop down for the number.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Are you sure FTTP isn't available in your area? 

Broadband in Marston - Standard, Superfast and Ultrafast |

If it is, you would be well advised to go with an ISP who can use it.